14 Free Footage Sites That Don’t Suck

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A few years ago, I started to put together a list of stock footage sites and shared it with a few filmmaker friends. Over time they added to it and now we’ve got a pretty badass list. Here are all the sources for free footage that we’ve found so far.

Thanks to everyone who has added to this list and let me know if you’ve got any more suggestions.

  1. Pond5 Free

  2. Public Resource Org

  3. Mitch Martinez Free Red Epic Stock Footage

  4. Videoevo

  5. Archive.org

  6. Open Footage

  7. Vimeo Free HD

  8. US National Archives

  9. Library of Congress American Memory Project 

    Limited but eclectic range of historical US cultural materials. Free but some of it requires permissions.

  10. American Library of Congress

  11. Hubble Space Telescope Imagery

  12. Wikimedia

  13. Creative Commons Search

    Allows you to search YouTube, Vimeo and Wikimedia foundation for creative commons footage. Free if done with proper attribution/ guidelines.

  14. Google Earth Pro

    All Google Earth satellite data is free to use as long as you leave the satellite data at the bottom of the screen and the mark of Satan in the bottom right corner intact. You can animate it using the Tour and Movie Maker functions in Google Earth Pro, and 1080p 60fps output looks pretty cool. Google guidelines and more details.

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