Greenpeace UK approached us to create a video about microbeads – tiny plastic debris in the world’s oceans that present a serious environmental threat.

A viral video in one day

Our mission was to raise public awareness of microbeads and drive petition signatures. Over just over one day, we undertook a Creative Sprint and applied our Four Step Formula for Viral Videos.

Reached millions on facebook

The video was exceptionally effective at driving audiences to sign petitions. This meant that after it was pushed out organically, the video was used as part of a paid advertising campaign which also drove people to donate.

The video became Greenpeace UK’s most successful fundraising video of that year. And it helped to get Microbeads banned.

The results

  • 122,969 petition signatures
  • The petition became Greenpeace UK’s largest ever at the time
  • 1,259 direct debits

We delivered: Video creative, video production

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