People don’t trust politicians, but they do trust people that look like them. Our Videos By The Many project helped show Labour’s support across the UK.

To build support for the Labour party during the 2019 election, we worked with Momentum to help authentic Labour supporters from across the UK to create vote-winning videos.

Our innovative strategy included launching the campaign with a video from Ash Sarkar that reached 100,000 people. Our big-organising style briefing then attracted more than 700 volunteer registrations. This mass zoom event saw us bring onboard Ken Loach to brief hundreds on how they could impact voting behaviour using just their phones.

We then connected professional filmmakers with ordinary people making selfie videos, providing creative input and re-editing key videos.

Our social media success, one-to-one support and online tools spurred on hundreds of people to create and share videos.

The results:

  • 113 user generated videos on Twitter
  • 91 user generated videos on Facebook
  • Helped Momentum generate 72 million video views

Although overall election result wasn’t the one that Labour wanted,  the project did reach two key goals. It showed the party as a truly people-powered movement and allowed real stories of austerity to challenge mainstream media and Conservative narratives.

We delivered: Video Campaign Strategy, Online Training, Capacity Building, Video Production.

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