The Videos By The Many project crowdsourced hundreds of user generated videos from Labour members across the UK.

Trust in politicians has fallen to an all time low in the UK. To build support for the Labour Party during the 2019 election we worked with Momentum to find authentic voices from across the UK and supported them to create their own video content.
To make this happen we drew on the big organising playbook:
  • We helped to create a launch video to promote the project with Ash Sarkar which reached 100,000 people.

  • The video along with an email to the Momentum list managed to get over 700 people to sign up for a video launch call. Richard facilitated this call, which featured Ken Loach and key Momentum activists explaining how people could create their own videos.
  • We followed this up with a video tutorial and setting up Slack channels to enable ongoing communication.
  • We were delighted and more than a bit moved when people like Tanya started to share their amazing stories.
  • We built on the first round of submissions by connecting professional filmmakers with people from the network, providing creative input and re-editing key videos.
  • The second wave included higher quality productions but still featuring authentic voices of real people. Paul here was a personal favourite.

In the end the project generated a total of 276 videos:

  • 113 videos on Twitter
  • 91 videos on Facebook
  • 54 videos on Instagram
  • 18 shared directly with Momentum

The project contributed to Momentum generating 72 million video views over the course of the campaign and reaching half of all UK Facebook users.

The overall election result wasn’t the one that Labour wanted but the project managed to amplify voices that cut through with the key groups that Labour needed to win. We are keen to continue this work and are really excited about the infinite possibilities that comes from supporting real people to tell their stories.

We delivered: Video campaign strategy, online training, capacity building, video production.


More Videos By The Many videos:


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