Freedom from Torture urgently needed to raise money for their Christmas appeal – and we knew Facebook adverts had the answer.

Raising money for torture victims

We worked with Freedom from Torture to develop creative ideas, produce videos and deliver an advertising campaign that lead to thousands of donations for victims of torture.

We generated 100 concepts

We showed Freedom of Torture the best fundraising adverts in the field by building a tool to scrape Facebook’s Ad Library. Then we ran a series of Creative Sprint workshops to develop concepts for video and image adverts. Our creative workshops delivered over 100 creative concepts with staff using the online tool Miro.

We created 20 videos

We developed and delivered on four separate creative concepts using live photo and video shoots with actors and even created a powerful video with actor Thandie Newton. Our semi-automated editing process enabled us to deliver and test multiple versions of each concept and ensure each advert had the best return on investment.

We delivered over 20 images and 20 separate video adverts of different lengths. Then these were strengthened with user feedback from Freedom from Torture’s target audience.

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