Campaign Content Accelerator Course

Do you need high performing social media content for your campaign?

If you want proven tools and strategies to help your team deliver high-impact content to win campaigns, then the Campaign Content Accelerator is for you.

How the course works

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Format: Online workshops plus tools and templates

How long: 6 week course

Start date: 10th July 2024

Who is it for?

Campaigners, comms and digital staff who want to distil complex campaign messages into compelling content that cuts through on social media and aligns with your strategy.

How does it work?

We take you through a step by step process to create a suite of social media content for your campaign including text posts, images, videos and campaign actions. You’ll learn alongside a group of like-minded people working in campaigns, communications and digital roles.

At each stage you will build on the assets and insights from the last, massively speeding up content creation and improving your hit rate by helping you identify the most successful creative approaches.

What our past attendees have said

Top five reasons to join our Accelerator

  1. Stop wasting money on costly but unproven creative concepts
  2. Create better performing content by using proven formats
  3. Speed up content creation with a standardised process and a bank of tried and tested assets. Watch a tutorial on our content creation process.
  4. Boost your impact by learning from your data and doubling down on what’s working
  5. Join a community of comms and campaigns heroes who are sharing and learning together

Course Structure

The programme starts with defining a strategy and then supports you to create social media content in all the key formats. Each stage builds on the last and finishes with how you can embed these insights to constantly improve. You’ll build confidence and expertise which you can put into practice immediately. 

Lesson 1. Strategy

Define your objectives, audiences, and identify your most powerful campaign ingredients.

Lesson 2. Text

Turn your key messages into powerful text based social media posts in proven formats.

Lesson 3. Images

Create high impact image posts and ads by identifying the strongest visuals for your campaign and the best image formats.

Lesson 4. Video

Turn your strongest messages into simple but effective presenter and text videos.

Lesson 5. Actions

Plan a creative real world campaign action that you can film to amplify your most powerful messages.

Lesson 6. Scale

Increase your performance by embedding processes and constantly improving through regular ideation and iteration.

At each stage you’ll get

  • Interactive workshops: Learn from our two-hour workshops and extensive online course materials
  • Community: Join our community forum for group feedback and discussions
  • Templates and tools: Access checklists, inspiration lists and content templates to generate ideas 
  • Reusable agendas: Workshop agendas, template documents and more

Real impact

Applying the lessons from the Accelerator course helped We Own It produce a viral video with Stephen Fry defending the NHS. The video generated over 250,000 views, became their most viewed TikTok ever and even generated press coverage.

We're indebted to your training - we used a villain hook and tried to edit it with 'all killer no filler' in mind and moved a nice visceral phrase to the first few seconds. Thanks for your amazing tips.

ImogenPress and Comms Lead, We Own It

Stephen Fry slams NHS privatisation

♬ original sound - We Own It

How to apply

Fill out the quick form below to apply. The course will run for six weeks starting July 10th 2024 with workshops on Wednesday 11am GMT. The costs below includes places for two people from your organisation, and is priced on a sliding scale based on the organisation’s annual income:

  • Small (£1m or less): £1,650* for two people (£825 per person)
  • Medium (£1m to £5m): £1,950* for two people (£975 per person)
  • Large (£5m or more): £2,450* for two people (£1225 per person)

* prices do not include VAT

If you’re interested in the course but still have questions please get in touch and we’d be happy to answer them.

* prices do not include VAT

Detailed Course Information

Who is this training suitable for?

Staff with an intermediate level of experience, although there are opportunities to try more advanced skills.

What does the course price include?

The course price includes places for two people from one organisation, access to online lessons, recordings of workshops, checklists, templates, cheat sheets, and interactive team activities.

Can I apply as an individual?

The course is designed for two people from each organisation to help embed the learnings and increase the impact. Exercises will be designed to run with two people, so we aren’t accepting individual applications.

When are the live workshops?

The live workshops will be held on Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on the following dates:

  • July 10th
  • July 17th
  • July 24th
  • July 31st
  • August 7th
  • August 14th

What if I miss a live workshop?

If you miss a live workshop, you will have access to the recordings so you can watch them back at your convenience. But the exercises will be designed for two people from each organisation so there will be a benefit to both attending.

How do I convince my organisation to pay for this?

You might want to tell your boss that this course is going to help you create high impact content for a particular campaign and build your skills for the longer term.

In case it’s helpful we’ve drafted an email making the case for you here, feel free to tweak it to make it your own!

Our approach helped Liberty increase their video performance by 10x

Our workshops helped Liberty create amazing in-house videos, like the one on the right, which generated 1.4 million views and 150,000 engagements.

Building this capacity and expertise in-house has enabled Liberty to increase the reach of our campaigns in a way that we would never have had the budget for if commissioned externally. It’s a huge part of the way Liberty now campaigns and mobilises its audiences.

Larry HolmesDigital Manager, Liberty

Your facilitators

Richard Roaf Facilitator

Richard Roaf

VideoRev founder Richard Roaf has been helping organisations turn their campaigns into engaging videos for more than a decade – and now he’s got this down to a science. He has used this methodology to create viral videos that have generated over 1 million shares and 80 million views. Richard has trained over 1,000 campaigners, fundraisers and filmmakers from some of the world’s leading campaigning organisations including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Oxfam and The Labour Party.

Cherry Jordan Facilitator

Cherry Jordan

Your co-facilitator will be Cherry Jordan, Former Head of Film Production at The Economist Newspaper. She will bring her extensive experience making videos that helped The Economist gain over 40 million followers on their social media accounts. Having left The Economist early last year, Cherry is continuing her career of nearly 20 in the TV and digital industry as a consultant, facilitator and coach to the media and creative sectors.

What they say

Video Rev are experts in the theory behind effective campaign content. During the workshops, their expertise meant that we were able to not just create ideas but also turn them into potential social content in a very short time.

Maddy DaweThe Humane League

The workshops were some of the best facilitated and useful trainings I've been on. The process is fun, logical and informative. We learned huge amounts about viral videos, and left with concrete plans to put into action.

Diarmaid McDonaldJust Treatment

VideoRev helped to revolutionise how we produce videos at Amnesty UK.

Sam LawlorAudio-Visual Manager, Amnesty UK

We helped Freedom from Torture raise over £300K

Richard’s Sprint training was superb. You’ll come away with incredibly practical, evidence-based tools to help you empathise with your audience, generate hooks, and ultimately move people to act.

Jack SteadmanDigital Manager, Freedom from Torture