VideoRev helps organisations stay at the forefront of the video revolution.

VideoRev helps organisations increase their impact while reducing their costs per video through:

  • In-House Training
  • Workflow Development
  • Branded Video Editing Templates and End Slides

In-house Video Training

With social media video being an increasingly important part of campaign and fundraising strategies, it is crucial that staff understand how to commission and produce videos that create real impact.

VideoRev delivers training to organisations on all aspects of managing and producing video. VideoRev uses a Five Step Formula for Viral Videos to teach organisations how to:

  1. Hook people in
  2. Keep them watching
  3. Maximise reach
  4. Motivate sharing
  5. Make more videos

Whether you want to develop your in-house video production, get up to speed on current video trends or improve the impact of the videos you commission, we can help.

Our lead trainer, Richard Roaf, has delivered training for Greenpeace UK, 38 Degrees, Amnesty International, Momentum and ActionAid.

Get in touch to discuss how we could help you.

Developing a Social Media Video Workflow

The future of organisational video strategy is in creating regular content at a lower cost per video. The secret to doing this is to efficient systems that save time while ensuring quality control and sign off.

VideoRev works with organisations to develop clear and efficient processes for creating quick turnaround videos. These systems can be tailored for in-house video production or working with freelancers and video agencies.

The work can include developing template documents for briefs and scripts, setting up folder systems, creating systems for sourcing footage and music, project tracking, and using introducing tools for reviewing videos and providing feedback quickly.

Branded Video Editing Templates and End Slides

We can create editing templates that will help you can create professional looking videos in-line with your branding, in much less time.

These templates can be used in-house or with a range of freelancers and video companies, to create a consistent video style that optimises shareability for users watching on Facebook and on mobile phones.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro editing templates, we can even incorporate photo and text animation that serves to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

VideoRev also works to develop branded end slides that give a professional and engaging end to all of your videos, while still allowing a customisable call to action.