Saturday 10th March 10:30am to 18:00, Vauxhall, London

Viral Videos for Campaigns

The last few years have shown that viral videos are hugely important for campaigns.

In 2016 we saw this through working on the video Five Ways to Disrupt Racism with the Racial Justice Network. This no-budget video managed to reach 35 million people, giving them practical advice to fight racism.

Last year, Video Rev worked with Momentum on a cutting edge social media video campaign.

This year we’re hosting a training day to share our methodology for viral videos with grassroots campaigners and filmmakers.


How to create videos that get shared

Over the course of the day, we will teach you the methodology we have used to consistently create highly shareable videos for political parties, NGOs, charities and other campaigning groups. 

Using the Five Step Formula for Viral Videos you can drastically increase the reach of your videos even as a grassroots or activist group. Using these tactics we have been able to create viral videos that have been shared over 1 million times and viewed 50,000,000 times.


Who is it for?

This workshop is for six pairs of people who already have a working relationship. Each pair will consist of someone who is part a grassroots campaign or activist group pushing for social change, and someone who is a video maker who has a working relationship with that group and interested in developing video content together.

If you’re from a bigger organisation then you may consider attending one of the other trainings. Get in touch with or join our mailing list for more information on these.

You’ll leave the workshop understanding:

  • Why videos go viral
  • Popular trends and styles for 2018
  • How to develop a shareable video brief
  • The Five Step Formula for Viral Videos
  • How to promote your video online
  • How to make more videos for less

The day will also involve working up an idea into a video brief and script that will incorporate the key factors of shareability.

How to Apply

There’s a limited number of places on this course. To apply, email Kevin and Richard  and include a short description of both the group you are working with, and the video maker you are working with (along with an example of their work), and how you think you could use this training by the 28th of February.   

Learn the secrets behind these viral videos

Undercover Police in Paris

  • Client: New Internationalist
  • Views: 9,400,000
  • Shares: 164,000

5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

  • Client: Racial Justice Network
  • Views:  35,200,000
  • Shares: 600,000

5 Facts about Hinkley

  • Client: Greenpeace
  • Views: 869,000
  • Shares: 31,000

About the Trainers

The training will be delivered by VideoRev Founder and Director of video agency Alter Eco, Richard Roaf along with Kahra Wayland-Larty who has produced videos for the Progressive Allaince. Richard has worked in online video for over eight years and has delivered training for Greenpeace, 38 Degrees, Momentum, Amnesty International and ActionAid, and workshops for charities at ECF in Oxford, CAMP16 in Amsterdam and Zinn TV in Brussels.

If you have any questions on the training day please get in touch with


Feedback from previous trainings:


“The training was incredibly useful. I will be structuring our video strategy around these learnings.” 38 Degrees

“One of, if not the best training sessions I have been to in years.” Aakash Naik, Greenpeace UK


Over 8 years of research and experimentation have gone into developing the Five Step Formula for Viral Videos. We have taught the formula to Greenpeace UK, 38 Degrees, Amnesty International and Momentum, and have used the methodology to generate over a million organic shares on our videos.


On social media you only have a couple of seconds to hook your audience in and motivate them to watch your video. We can teach you to do this by developing a strong hook that grabs people’s attention, interest and curiosity.


The vast majority of people who start watching a video on Facebook don’t make it past the first 10 seconds. We can help you increase your audience retention by using varied visuals, fast editing, structuring your videos using numbers and incentivising people to watch to the end.


It’s crucial to embed your video with strong reasons to share. You can dramatically increase share rates by incorporating our six key sharing motivations into your video; helping the world; useful information; personal identity; authenticity; current events; emotion.


However great your video is, unless you have a solid distribution strategy it’s very difficult to generate significant sharing. We can help you seed your video effectively without massive advertising budgets, by helping you research the online communities relevant to your cause.


It’s impossible to guarantee that any individual will go viral but the more videos you create the greater your chances. We can show you how to create more videos for less money per video, by developing in-house capacity, using templates and creating video series.