Social media is a key battleground for the Labour Party and Momentum.


The challenge was to help them engage new and existing Labour voters during the 2017 election. To do this, they asked us to help them deliver cutting edge viral video campaigns.


We trained filmmakers, worked on video production, created templates and helped Momentum develop internal production processes. Finally, we gave strategic support to Momentum to create a social media video campaign which has been widely recognised as having played a significant role in the election results.


The results speak for themselves:

  • 50 million views by 18.1 million Facebook users
  • 34.7% of 18-25 year old UK Facebook users viewed a video
  • A third of Facebook’s 44 million UK users reached


We delivered: Video campaign strategy, training, capacity building, video templates, video production.

“The training has supported our increased focus on video, and helped us get millions of video views in the past few months. This has been particularly useful in making our political and campaigning content more engaging and accessible.”

Harry Hayball, Head of Digital Communications, Momentum


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